ProCreative is an effective and affordable creative solution for individuals, groups & companies building or trying to improve their online presence.  With practical experience & proven methods, we can help you navigate your business through the world wide web & social media.


Bill Boyington
Founder & President

Bill Boyington graduated from Monmouth College with a BA in Fine Art, and has over 20 years of experience as a sales and marketing consultant. Bill founded Pro Creative LLC in 2015 to fill a need for effective and affordable social media advertising and marketing content.  ProCreative uses the latest in hi-definition audio and video equipment, along with industry standard creative software and techniques, to capture and create promotional content for a wide array of customers accross a broad spectrum of industries.   Bill is an FAA licensed and insured drone pilot with an in-depth knowledge of unmanned aerial operations including photography and videography for marketing purposes,  as well as industrial drone applications including mapping, topography and 3-d imaging for engineers and construction companies.