ProCreative has a full line of pro audio equipment to accommodate small to mid size events in the tri-state area. We also have a full suite of on site audio video recording services including event photographers, multi-cam 4K video, live multi-track recording and live HD live broadcasting for:

  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Musical Performances
  • Venues
  • School Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Private Parties

We utilize a large selection of top name audio gear and equipment; Check out some of our inventory below and call with any questions regarding your upcoming event.

  • EV 18″ Powered Subs
  • EV 15″ Powered Monitors
  • Behringer X32 / x-18 Air w/ Air Express Router kit
  • Roland 7 Piece Electric Drum Kit
  • Blackstar 2 x 10″ Combo Guitar Amp w/ effects
  • Markbass 2 x 10″ 300 Watt Combo Bass Amp
  • Hammond SK1 76 Keyboard w/ Roland KC 450 Amp
  • Yamaha MM8 88 Key Stage Piano
  • Marshall 2 x 12″ Combo Guitar Amp
  • Hartke 15″ Kickback Bass Amp
  • 7 Piece CAD Drum Microphone Kit
  • EV Co9 Premium Microphones
  • Shure Wireless Premium Microphones

We professionally maintain and service our equipment and use only professional grade stands, cables, microphones, DI boxes etc. along with an experienced technician to ensure your event is a success.

We also offer stage lighting, special effect lighting as well as atmospheric equipment and laser lighting fixtures. Some of our current lighting inventory includes:

  • ADJ Link 4 Light Console
  • (4) Chauvet Rogue 1 Wash
  • (2) Chauvet Intimidator 475ZX
  • (2) Chauvet Intimidator 375
  • (4) Chauvet Intimidator 355
  • (2) Chauvet Intimidator 140SR
  • (6) Chauvet Q60 Beam
  • (4) Chauvet Wave IRC
  • Rockville wireless PAR /Up Lighting
  • x-Laser Wicked Laser Cube 2.5
  • GloTotems
  • Haze Machines, Bubble Machines, Cloud 9 machine
  • 60′ F-34 Box Trussing / stands / junction boxes
  • Wireless DMX Control via iPad
Intimidator Spot 475ZX
Rogue 1 Wash by Chauvet
Intimidator 355 IRC Beam
Intimidator 375Z IRC
Chauvet Wave IRC
Chauvet Beam 140SR
Chauvet Q60 Beam